Saturday, November 8, 2014

The World's Most Redacted Blog Post (Sort Of)

Oh what a week it has been!

It is Saturday and I feel like this is the first minute I've had to focus on anything blog related. Since Daylight Saving (Daylight's Saving? Daylight Savings? Daylight's Savings? Whatever. I just call it "Daylight Evil-Fuckwithparents"), my kids have been getting up WITH me at the ass-crack of dawn (which is when I usually get up to have my quiet time to write/work). I have discovered in my years as a parent that trying to write while small people fight with each other, or make food demands of you, or insist on sitting on you, is virtually impossible. Hence no posts.

There is a lot of other stuff going on, but the vast majority of it I can't tell you about. I am on a criminal jury for jury duty (can't tell you about it), I just read the start of what will, in my opinion, be a great book (no, I didn't write it. I'm not THAT lacking in humility), but I can't tell you about that either. I am in the process of making some professional changes... that I can't tell you about. I'm working on some tweaks and changes and additions to the blog... that I can't tell you about.

Basically, today's blog is like a redacted government document. Aren't you glad you waited on pins & needles for over a week just to read this?

Me too.

Stick around, though. Changes and new posts are coming and I hope you like them.

Now get out there and enjoy your day! I'm going to go work on... something I can't tell you about!