Friday, October 31, 2014

My Little Brony: Halloween Edition

As you know from the great "My Little Pony Underwear Debacle," Duckie loves him some MLP, so naturally, he wanted to be his "frayvrit" character for Halloween: Applejack (this after a year of telling me that he wanted to be a blue "tangaroo" and me figuring out how to modify a dinosaur tail pattern into a kangaroo tail with my limited sewing skillz).

I admit that when it comes to Halloween, I'm kind of a cheap-o. Not that I won't shell out for a rad costume, but more that I prefer that we get more day-to-day mileage out of them. Hence, the last few years, my kids' costumes have been sweatsuit based. 

When Duckie busted out his plan for Applejack, I knew I was SCREWED. I couldn't find an orange sweatsuit ANYWHERE. And he was adamant that he didn't want an MLP Equestria style costume. So what is a gal with limited sewing ability and an opinionated 3 year old to do?

Call for back-up!!

My mother-in-law is a genius when it comes to sewing. A stone, cold genius. She actually custom made Duckie's costume using nothing but photos I had printed from Craftiness is Not Optional as her guide.

We did make a few changes-- she added elastic to the waist of the jacket and I ironed the cutie marks onto the jacket. Also, instead of sewing the tail directly onto the pants, I made a belt for the tail, so that he can just wear the pants as sweatpants or the tail separately when he wants.

Little Man also got in on the MLP fun today too-- he is rockin' Rainbow Dash inspired hair for crazy hair day at school today (and will be a sweatsuit-clad Ninja Turtle tonight).

From the Cluttered House to yours, we hope you have a happy, safe, and Pony-tastic Halloween!

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