Sunday, June 30, 2013

Painted Pots

Recently, Diesel did a cabinet install for some clients who were also in the process of re-landscaping their back yard. They asked him if he would be interested in some fiberglass flower pots for which they no longer had a need. He snapped a photo and sent it to me and I responded with a resounding “FREE FLOWER POTS? HELL YEAH!”

Nope, these pots are totally not my style, but they were FREE. I like free stuff. Free pretty much trumps ugly any day of the week when it comes to items, such as flower pots, where function is more important than beauty.

I decided that I wanted them for on the deck, but they’d need some freshening up. So I got some spray paint at Home Depot and went to town. The texture of the pots was perfect for someone like me who is fairly heavy handed with the spray paint. Any extra paint just sort of oozed into the lumps and bumps and made me look like I was a spray painting genius.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the project. Granted, it wasn't “free” because I paid about $16 for spray paint (would've been more like $8 if I had opted for just one color), but considering that at Home Depot, one painted fiberglass pot of a similar size is about $20, I’m gonna say $16 for 4 is a bargain!

(In case you’re curious as to why I chose the colors I did, the inspiration was the door mat on the back deck)

 A little before & after to really hit home the change (and for your pinning pleasure!)

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