Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello my dear readers!

It is April 1. I am back on the blogger horse. What can I say, sometimes life yells "SWEEP THE LEGS!!!" and you find yourself on your ass! That is where I have been the last month an a half. I'm not back to feeling 100% great, but I need to start blogging again to help shake my funk away. It is just hard to come on here and talk about getting life all organized and tidy and whatnot, when you are looking around you and thinking "I am in shambles and so is this house."

And yet, I would venture to guess you guys come here because I'm fairly real about my struggles with trying to get my act together!

So, right now I am ignoring the pile of dishes sitting next to the sink, and the laundry in the basket, and coming here and writing to y'all!

Now, lest you think Cluttered Mama has been just laying around doing nothing but moping and having panic attacks, I have actually been furiously applying to jobs (and getting no replies) and working on the house. I have spent the better part of this week trenching the front yard & garden for a sprinkler system, which is super fun. In the way root canals are fun. Today I found a partial skeleton of what I believe is a cat. Also awesome.

I also started the boys in swimming lessons and scored some free lawn chairs from the side of the road! (YEAH!!!) So we're keeping busy.

Now, I have some stuff ready to write about this week, some old, some new, but all good I hope. So I'll be seeing you soon!

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the kind wishes and emails after my last post!


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