Friday, February 1, 2013

Help How You Can (Friday Round-Up)

Today, I'm going to the Scrapbook Expo. A place where I spend hours envisioning how very crafty I could be if time, money, parental responsibilities, and talent were no object. So, as you read this, I am somewhere trying to silence the little voice in my head that says I need more paper, stickers, stamps and rub-ons.

I do not, in fact, need any of those things.

In fact, I am inordinately blessed in what I have. So today's Friday Round-Up isn't going to be about me and the stuff my family has been doing and what I have been reading and liking (though I really like what it is about).

It is about how you can help a wonderful family bring home a little girl who needs them. Who needs a family. Who needs a home where she is loved steadily and unconditionally, forever.

Brink Bunch Journey from Brink Family on Vimeo.

I normally try to keep The Cluttered House as non-asking-you-to-do-something as possible, but today I ask that you help the Brinks in whatever way you are able. Do not feel pressured to do anything other than watch their video and lift up a prayer or positive thoughts.

If you can give, please do. If you can pray or send good "juju" to their growing family, please do. If you can share their video with others, please do.

Thank you.

-Cluttered Mama

This is the site referenced in the video. If you search for "Hanifah," you can find the Brinks' section of the page.


  1. Prayers going up for this wonderful family.

  2. Awesome, I hope they are able to be the family they want to be! I can relate.


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