Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tinted Mason Jars

Since the office is coming along swimmingly (as long as I ignore the very full box that said "to file" and the not one, but TWO drawers of teaching files that need to be gone through-- one isn't even in files, the stuff is just piled in there), I thought I would attempt another Pinterest craft. My goal is to try to do at least one Pinterest project a week, so this will fill my quota!

And, I thought it was time for me and Mod Podge to kiss and make up.

So, because I have decided I need a cute pen jar, I tried this mason jar project by Liz Stanley at Momtastic:
Liz Stanley, via Momtastic
Look at how cute those are, and all you need is food color, Mod Podge and a jar.

Of course, I didn't have any high gloss Mod Podge (I had fabric and matte), so I had to pick some up at Hobby Lobby (I had to get a frame anyway). Came out to about $3 for the Mod Podge, which I am cool with because the way I use Mod Podge, that stuff will last a millenia. I didn't do the math, but I figure $3 every millenia is pretty dang good!

Being a bear of slightly above average intelligence, I read through all the comments following the tutorial, to see if there were any best practices. There were. People recommend mixing the Mod Podge and the water and food coloring all at once, so I gave that a whirl.

So here we go (not a tutorial, just pics from along the way).
High gloss Mod Podge, food coloring (I was going for yellow-y green), bowl, jar
"Hello Mod Podge"
(Imagine me saying that like Jerry Seinfeld saying "Hello Newman")
Let it be known that I am not a good pourer

All ready to bake up. I'd recommend moving it from its spot
after the 30 minutes of pre-oven drying.
So there was a LOT of Mod Podge left over. If you are just doing one jar, I'd halve the "recipe."
I recommend moving the from the initial upside-down location before baking.
I did an still got a lot of booger-y clings.

Baked on booger clings. :/
No worries, they scrape right off-- just make sure you don't peel
over the lip and into the jar.
That's a good lookin' pencil cup!
I was actually impressed with how easy this was. I didn't enjoy the smell of baking Mod Podge, but all-in-all, I think it is a pretty easy craft that you have to work really hard at to screw up. The only think I would do differently would be to make the green a little darker. Unless the sun is hitting it, the jar pretty much looks clear.
Now I'm nervous, because I'm on a crafting hot streak (what with the book cover and the jar). This is not normal... which means one of the next crafts will go spectacularly wrong. Probably when I try to do something above my skill set, because I'm getting a big head from all this successful crafting. 


  1. That DOES look easy!! Might just have to give this a try.....had to laugh at all the "boogery bits"! LOL

  2. Ha ha! That was the only way to describe it! the whole lip pulled up long sticky/stringy goop from the wax paper!!


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