Monday, January 21, 2013

Organize-a-Palooza Week 3: Office/Workspace


First off, let me show you where I am working today:

Drink it in! I know I am! (Don't feel TOO jealous. Within minutes of me snapping this photo, I ran inside to check my bread--accidentally made it deflate-- and Duckie stuck two dirty Matchbox cars in my lemon water, spilled said water and put a PILE of sand on the table. Totally relaxing work environment). Oh and that table? We totally built it using the Providence table plans from Ana White. If you don't know who Ana White is, you should. She's the lady who built that cool laundry basket dresser that everyone likes to pin on Pinterest, and she has a TON of free build plans. But, I digress..

Why, you ask, am I working outside, other than because it is a glorious day? Because my office is a bit of a pit of despair. Which brings us to week 3 of Organize-a-Palooza...

Week 3: Office/Workspace

I know not everyone is blessed to have one specific room in their home that is their office. Up until 7 months ago, my "office" was a drawer under our bed and a bunch of filing boxes. Now, however, we have an actual office, which I have claimed as my office/craft space, since Diesel has claimed the garage & two sheds for his woodworking business.

Unfortunately, the office has become a dumping ground for homeless things, so it hasn't been the most productive place for me to work. In fact, I have only worked in there ONE day out of the last seven months. It was the Sunday after our housewarming party (in October), and the office had been fake cleaned to be presentable at said party.

Now it looks like this:

So I will be tackling office organization this week. My hope is that I'll be able to create a space where I can be my most crafty and productive. I pinned a ton of cool mini-office ideas on Pinterest back when I was going to turn our condo pantry into my office, so I am hoping to utilize some of those ideas this week-- I especially like the idea of creating a command center in my office.

How are your workspaces looking these days? Any creative (and inexpensive) solutions for organizing an office?


  1. Well, what a nice place to work! In the sunshine!!! Lucky you. Your office looks like a big job but I have no doubt that you will pull it off...if you can leave that sunshine long enough, that is! LOL

    1. I've already made a big dent on the junk on the floor. The VAST majority belonged elsewhere!
      And it was hard to leave the fresh air & sunshine in order to do all that cleaning!

  2. Oooh is this a caption contest? ;)
    (My spouse would have a field day. lol)

  3. Ah ha ha!! Nope! Just Blogger being glitchy!

  4. I see potential! Hope your happy place is soon a reality.

  5. Yup, I'd totally shut that office door and opt to work outside too! Good juju to you on your progress!

  6. Fake cleaned!!! Still laughing!! Box under the right there with you. Our "office" is a shoebox for each year of taxes, a nightstand jam packed with random "important mail" and piles and piles of $hi* on my sewing machine table. And by table I mean card table from the 1960's set up in my bedroom. I will let you know how this project goes. I have a problem with collecting office supplies each year when school starts. Once I found 20 brand new black sharpies in a scrapbook bag behind my boots that don't fit anymore in my terrible closet. Whew. I am getting anxiety just thinking about this challenge.

  7. Your space doesn't look so bad. You just need to figure out a good way to place your things that will work with your routine.


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