Sunday, January 27, 2013

Organize-a-palooza Week 3 Link-up

Organize-a-palooza is going to become a little redundant.


Because while I have made a heroic dent in the office -- the photos from my book cover project were taken on my desk, which if you note in this before photo, was a huge pile:
See that chair? Yeah, Diesel made it.

The fact that I could even do a project on my desk and was willing to photograph said desk, is really saying something.

But the room isn't done. I have cleared out most of the big "hey, that doesn't belong here" stuff, and up until this afternoon the floor was completely clear; however, I started really digging into the stuff that was put away on the shelves, but was not organized in any way, shape or form.

So, I am proclaiming next week's project to be Office/Workspace and/or space of your choosing! Maybe you wanted to get to the linen closet and haven't yet. Perhaps your master bedroom is giving you fits (mine certainly is, but I just shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist...). Maybe your kids' stuff is out of control. But we'll discuss this further tomorrow!

My office is starting to look like a real crafter's room. I have set up an area for my Cricut, my new (terrifying) sewing machine and all the stuff that goes with them. I also put up a rack behind the door to hold my paints (up VERY high where even my spider monkey-esque boys cannot reach them), glue, and ribbons.

If Pinterest has taught me anything, it is that a
woman can't call herself a woman without a
ribbon/craft supply rack in her office.
Top shelf: Cricut Stuff
Middle shelf:terrifying sewing machine and
sewing notions (that is what they're called, right?)
Bottom shelf: Yarn basket, fabric basket, scraps bins
A little more of a close-up for you.
That sewing machine has 170 stitch settings.
I can barely sew in a straight line,
and that isn't me being modest or hyperbolic.
I'm scared.

This was my small stroke of genius--
I couldn't get the mat to stay upright/not fall behind the shelf,
 then I remembered I had these magnet clips. BOOM! Problem solved!



  1. The shelving looks great! Don't be scared of that lil' ole machine! You will have a blast on it! :0)

    1. Thanks Debbie! I've never really been much of a sew-er, but I WANT to be. I keep seeing what seem like easy enough projects to sew, and wanting to do them, but until D got me this for Christmas, I had to borrow a friend's sewing machine, which was kind of a hassle. I don't really know how to sew, but am hoping I can self-teach.

      And the box the sewing machine came in didn't help my anxiety. The inside flap has a giant stop sign admonishing me to watch the instructional DVD and read the manual before I even plug the thing in. That seems pretty intimidating! :)

  2. I have a bunch of nice magnet clips if you want some!
    My office is in a state of transition. After the new year hubs helped me move stuff and we changed work areas around. I decided I would take the opportunity to really purge. I managed to clean out and organize the large wall to wall closet and my computer desk. Now I have several boxes full of random storage boxes, trinkets, and things that belong else where. Next is tackling those boxes!

    1. I have a pile of "to relocate" and "to sell/donate" boxes outside the office that is taller than me. I know what you mean about tackling the boxes! :)

  3. You are making huge progress!! I LOVE the racks for the paint and ribbon. I've seen some cute sewing machine covers on Pinterest too, but you do have to get over your anxiety around the sewing machine first :)

    1. Thanks! It is a lot of work. I have been pinning sewing machine covers, because that is definitely on my list of things I want. I think my first project will be to make Duckie a dinosaur hoodie and tail to match Little Man's. I bought the felt and hoodie for his back when I bought all the materials for Little Man's costume, but haven't really been able to get into the office to work on it.


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