Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organize-a-palooza Week 1 Link-Up

I am so excited to see all your hard work from the past week! Show off those before & after photos.

I tackled our cabinets. They were a mess.  I neglected to get before photos of everything, but I think you can imagine what they all looked like. I also used this week as an opportunity to finish the last 10% of unpacking in the kitchen. HOORAY!!!

Before: Upper tall cabinet

After: Upper tall cabinet
 What is in that blue bin, you ask? Tupperware, that's what! We didn't have enough drawer space, so this was my solution. I actually like it better than in a drawer.

Before: Lower tall cabinet

After: Lower Tall cabinet

After: Lower upper cabinet
 We now have a popcorn shelf. Following an on-going battle with Diesel over his popcorn paraphenalia, I have relented and created his own little shelf of popcorn bliss. His air popper, popcorn and big old bowl now live there.

Before: top of the fridge

After: top of the fridge

I moved a rack that I picked up at a garage sale (I got 3 racks for $1) to the top of the fridge and moved all my baking gear up there. I also moved my mixer to the top of the fridge, because I thought it looked kind of decorative. Also, note my new canning thing-a-majig that Diesel got me for Christmas. I asked for it, and am hoping to learn to can this year. I don't foresee ANYTHING going wrong with that plan.  All the plastic bags are now neatly constrained to a box under the sink.

I somehow didn't take before pictures of the cabinets, but they were all in disarray. Packed too full of stuff and not well laid out. Now they are neat and tidy.

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What's that? you're wondering why I have a pair of jack-o-lantern people up on my cabinets? That is because in my family, we have a little Christmas tradition (started by my sister Jordan) called "The Ugly Gift." When you receive the ugly gift, you have to display it in a prominent, non-bathroom, location in your house for the following year (and then have to display it during all subsequent Christmases). Diesel received these beauties this year, so they will be gracing our kitchen cabinets for the next 11 months!



  1. You've been very busy and it looks great! I think those pumpkin people are kinda cute. :)

    1. I think they're cute too, but For Halloween, not for all year in my kitchen! :) come July, Iay not find them all that cute!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We're a pretty funny family!

      Your kitchen looks great!! :)

  3. I need to follow your lead and organize my cabinets! They are a mess! Great job!

    1. Shelley-- Instead of thinking of it as one HUGE project, set aside 30 minutes to tackle 1 cabinet or 1 drawer. That way it isn't SO overwhelming.


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