Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fast, Easy & Organize-y

So, today I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets (for Organize-a-palooza, dontcha know) and as I was wrestling with the small appliances I realized how much I frickin' HATE cords. I mean SERIOUSLY, why can't more appliances have that easy wrap space underneath them, or retract like a hair dryer, or SOMETHING.

Something other than just being all tangle-y and nuisance-y. You go to organize your appliances and the cords are just writhing around like snakes (insert Indiana Jones quote here), refusing to stay put, and making it impossible to create a neat and pretty cabinet. So what are you to do?

Today I said to those cords, "Cords! You have met your match my serpentine foes!!! Oh yes, you are going down!"

(Cue instructional photo montage here).

Step 1: Get your appliance and a twisty tie

Step 2: Lay your appliance cord on the twisty tie and put one twist around the cord. This keeps the twisty tie attached to your cord so you don't lose it when you use your appliance (this was my momentary stroke of genius). Sure, you could go buy a fancy schmancy velcro cord wrap that does the same thing, but since I'm trying to keep this low budget, twisty ties it is!!

Step 3: Gather your cord into a nice, neat bundle and twist the twisty tie around it.

Step 4: Place in your cabinet all neat and tidy. Step back and revel in your snake charming abilities.

What's that you say? You say you have a cord that is too long or unbending to use a twisty tie?

Cue the pipe cleaner! You can buy a package of pipe cleaners at the $1 store.

Follow the same steps, wrap your  cord in the pipe cleaner, trim to size and voila! Your cord is wrapped.

Oh, and you want to know a surefire way to notice every fleck of anything on your appliances? Take pictures of them!!

Okay, so that is today's Fast, Easy & Oranize-y! Hope it helps you as you are working out the kinks in your cabinets!!

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  1. Works great for entertainment centers and computer areas, too, for the slack in the cords. I also put little labels on each cord by the plug so I know which goes to what. Strips of post-it notes work fairly well, with a little scotch tape for extra stickiness.

    1. Yeah... don't even get me STARTED on Diesel's electronics cords! :) I give up!

  2. Great idea!! I am starting to combat this problem with my new cordless vacuum!!


    1. OOH! Cordless! I am always curious as to how well they work compared to corded ones. Though, I like that my vacuum's cord has a wrap spot, so I'm cool with that one!

  3. Great idea! Thanks and yes, my pictures show up every little fleck. Glad to know I am not the only one! :)

    1. RIGHT?!?! I took a picture of what I THOUGHT was a clean blender and then I was like "OH MYLANTA!!!" when I looked at the picture!

  4. Okay… WHY didn't I think about twisting the twist tie TO the item I want to keep twisted!?!?! So simple, yet so brilliant!!!

    1. See, THAT is the genius part! Using the twisty-tie is sort of a no-brainer, because most appliances come with their cords wrapped with a twisty tie. This method keeps you from losing them!

      I had the same "why am I just thinking of this?!?!" moment when I was organizing!


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