Friday, January 18, 2013

Begin at the Beginning (Friday Round-up)

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I have been feeling this a lot lately. I thought I'd share that with you! It is all to easy to look around and think "oh, I wish we were 100% debt free, like so and so,"  or "if only my blog had as many readers as such and such blog," or "if only my house looked like this and that." But then I have to stop myself and say "so and so started paying off debt10 years ago, you just started and really, aren't that badly off considering your debt is one student loan and a mortgage" or "that blog started 5 years ago. You just started earnestly blogging" or "yeah. you bought your house 7 months ago. It is a work in progress." Life is a work in progress. And who knows, maybe out there, there is someone who is thinking "Man, I wish I had x,y,z like Cluttered Mama does." I'm trying to remind myself that I need to begin at the beginning!

So it has been a busy week. I have barely had time to work on the linen closets!  I hope you guys are doing better than I am! Although I have been busy not organizing, I have been reading, so in Friday Round-Up fashion, I'm going to share a few things that I have found particularly enlightening this week!

Speaking of busy, Kai at A New (England) Life had a great post about using the excuse "But I'm Just Too Busy" She has some really great tips on how to keep it together when life gets busy! I'm also going to note that I am truly envious (in a good way) of people who manage to keep a home management binder. I always want to, but somehow... don't. I'll try again sometime soon!

Another post that I found really inspiring this week is from Jessica over at Life as Mom. She talks about how she and her husband have regular money meetings to discuss their finances. I think this is brilliant and am hoping to implement it in our household too. Although we are doing pretty well in the debt department, there is still a LOT of room for improvement. My main concern right now is getting us to a point where I don't need to work-- especially since my unemployment isn't going to last forever (did I ever mention that I got laid-off in September? My position was cut nationwide, which sucked, but we're dealing). Being home full-time has increased my desire to be home more/work from home more, and that means we have to be more fiscally responsible. As a part of this, I think having regular meetings will really help us with this.

Last, but not least, there was this little gem about the myriad toxic ingredients that the US allows in our food, further establishing why I try to feed my family as much organic (and eventually home grown) food as our budget allows. It is tough to do sometimes, but the more I learn about how little concern the FDA has with the actual health of the people of this country, the more I feel it is important to embrace a cleaner way of eating!

Yesterday I started clearing a corner of the yard for my garden. I cant wait to get it up and running and I am hoping all our luck at the community garden wasn't just dumb luck, but that we will soon be harvesting lots of good veggies. My hopes for becoming a suburban agriculturist are still high, though I'm having difficulty convincing Diesel that we should get some laying chickens...

Anyhoo, that is about it for today! I can't wait to hear about all the good stuff you have done in your closets!!!


  1. Great sign and oh so true. We can't compare ourselves to others...just do the best we can. Have a great weekend!

    1. Exactly. It is hard not to compare, but we need to temper that with a dose of reality!

  2. Great post, I think we all will at one time or another compare ourselves/blog to others...natural but gives us goals to strive for. I've yet to get to the linen closet but did clean out the hall closet. Can you say mess?!?!?!Much neater now and a lot of "stuff" tossed. Love it Thanks for the nudge!

    1. Hooray! Glad the nudge helped! (and I hope you'll link up!)

      And you are right, sometimes comparisons can be beneficial, if we use them as inspiration for our goals. But they can be detrimental if we let that paralyze us into feeling like we aren't where we should be, so why bother!

  3. Not doing so hot on my linen closets...BUT- I have made so much progress this week in my health habits. No soda- all week. Tracking my food exercise- all week. Served vegetables with every meal- all week. Flossed- all week. All goals that I have had for some time, and they all came together. I lost four pounds this week and have overcome the draggy withdrawals from junk food. I also brought my nap stuff to school and took two naps during my lunch break. This helped me deal with my 5th and 6th periods much more effectively. I do plan to work on them today and will post some pics!


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