Saturday, November 3, 2012

How Pinterest Saved Halloween

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. (Well, more LOVE-hate). I love, love, love finding new recipes and being inspired by the many "easy" projects that I see on there. I hate that Pinterest has the ability to make women (and maybe men, but I only know the female perspective) feel like they aren't "enough." But that is a whole 'nother blog topic.

Today I am praising Pinterest in ALL her glory. You see, Pinterest saved the Cluttered Family's Halloween this year.

This year, Little Man has had a rotating list of things he wanted to dress up as for Halloween. He spent most of the spring and summer saying he wanted to be an owl, which seemed like it might be an easy costume for an undomestic goddess such as myself to make with scissors and a glue gun. Just as September rolled around and I was scouring Pinterest and filling my Halloween board with easy DIY owl costumes (here, here and here), Little Man suddenly changed his mind. Throughout the month of September he wanted to be:
  • A frog
  • Dashi from the Octonauts
  • Buzz Lightyear (score! We bought this costume for $1 at a garage sale this summer)
  • Woody (see above)
  • Jessie (double score, we have his costume from last year!)
  • A white princess
  • A shark
  • A T-Rex
About 2 weeks before Halloween, he etched in stone that his costume this year would be a T-Rex. So a week before Halloween (I am a consummate procrastinator) I schlepped Little Man to the local party store where they had the PERFECT green T-Rex costume. Little Man put on the headdress and was "so EECITED" about the costume. I was not relishing spending $25 on a costume, but I'm a sucker for happy kids, so I was gonna eat it on this one (In my head I was thinking, "You better like it kiddo, cuz that is coming out of the budget for your Christmas gifts... Ho Ho Ho!").

Then tragedy struck. The body of the costume didn't fit. The store only carried it in a 2-4T and my small-for-his-age 4 year old was too tall. There were no other sizes and there was nothing I could do. Giant, genuine, tears welled up in Little Man's eyes and in a small, disappointed voice he proclaimed "I don't want a different costume. I don't even WANT a Halloween!!!"

At that moment, I knew something had to be done. Like a woman possessed, I dropped to my knees in the middle of the party store, grabbed him by the shoulders and started babbling, "How 'bout Mommy makes you a T-Rex, buddy? It will be so AWESOME! It can have a TAIL and everything? How 'bout that? I'll sew it and you can help me pick out the fabrics and stuff, okay? That sound good? Would that make Halloween okay?"

[insert sound of record needle scratching to a halt on a record here]

Uh... Cluttered Mama, did you just promise to SEW a costume??? Uhm... You DO remember that you a) don't really know how to sew, b) don't own a sewing machine, and c) it is a week before Halloween, right?!?!

This is why I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

BUT, luckily I have Pinterest and a good friend who was willing to lend me her sewing machine.  On Pinterest found a DIY dinosaur hoodie tutorial from Me Sew Crazy and a DIY dragon tail tutorial on Tatertots & Jello and I was off to the races!

After picking out a black fleece sweatsuit and two different shades of green felt, Little Man was "eecited" for his T-Rex costume again. Halloween was saved and I was class-A sewing hero! (Just, uhm... don't look at the seams...)
(sorry about the photo quality, my camera is wonky right now)

Double bonus? Little Man also has a new dino hoodie he can wear whenever he wants.

What about you? Any recent Pinterest finds that have saved you?


  1. Rock on! Excellent costume and an impressive mommy rescue. Pinterest has saved me with organizing ideas but my favorite was a sopapilla cheesecake recipe that I have taken to every party I've been to in the last 3 months. Check it out here:

  2. HOLY MACARONI!!! You just took two of my favorite things and put them together!!! As kids our favorite Mexican restaurant served Sopapillas for dessert and if it was a special occasion, Mom would spring for them. I haven't found them anywhere since. And cheesecake? I'm dying looking at the recipe. DYING!!! (And your naughty dog is mighty cute!)

    Thanks for the compliment on my T-Rex.


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