Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

Allow me to begin with a disclaimer. I grappled with whether to post this. I am a big believer in giving and it is a major tenet of my spiritual beliefs. I cannot express how important I feel it is, but I also feel it is something that should be done quietly and without fanfare. Think Sandra Bullock quietly donating to $1 million the Red Cross following Katrina, vs. Celine Dion calling a press conference to announce that she was donating to those same victims. To me, it seems that if you have to announce what you have donated/are donating, you're doing it for the wrong reason.

That being said, I want to tell you about a new tradition I started with my family last year and there was no way to explain it without discussing our giving. So it is my hope that you will take today's post as me explaining what we do in the hopes that you will be inspired to do likewise and not because I want eleventy-three gold stars of approval!

Knowing that I am an undomestic goddess, I am sure you will be utterly shocked when I tell you that I have never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. Nor do I ever plan to. I do not know how to cook a turkey, I vaguely know how to make stuffing (there is bread and celery and...seasoning?) and do not know the first thing about candying a yam. I have no desire to learn to do any of these things. I'm not kidding. One year, when my mother asked me when I planned to learn to cook a turkey, I told her I didn't. My plan is this: until they are too old to cook turkeys, I plan to enjoy the labors of my mother and mother-in-law. Then, I have four sisters and one sister-in-law. I am pretty sure one of them will figure out the turkey thing... This is my end game.

(Lest you think I just mooch off the fam for the holidays, I will tell you this, I make pie like nobody's business. A weird talent, but there it is. SO, except for the Thanksgiving when I was pregnant with Duckie and everything made me throw up, so I didn't bake and instead got Costco pies, I always show up to Thanksgiving with at LEAST three pies. I call that square, but I digress).

Last year, I had an epiphany. I don't make Thanksgiving dinner, but do have the means to do so if I choose. Why not purchase the ingredients needed for a full Thanksgiving dinner and donate it to my church's Thanksgiving food basket program? And thus, a new tradition was born.

Because I think it is important for my boys to learn to give back at an early age, I have the boys help me in selecting food products to donate and I discuss with them why we are giving food away. Last year, Little Man was adamant that we buy canned peas. This year he helped me bag apples and pick out turkeys.

At any rate, if you are lucky, like me, and don't supply a whole Thanksgiving meal for your family & friends, consider donating a meal to your local food bank or food closet this year. If you are not in that position this year, keep it in mind for next year!

Some pics from our trip to the grocer's:
Picking just the right apple

We were told the food closet needed fresh fruit for baskets

"This turkey is very heavy!"

Turkey DOWN!!!!
I told Little Man he needed to put the turkey in the cart,
but he couldn't quite lift it into the basket

Problem solving like a champ!
I'm raising a snowflake genius, I tell you!
Very proud of his turkey!


  1. Seriously? What are you saying? Only the women in the family can cook or learn to cook a turkey? As I truly enjoy your blog, I want to let you know that your exclusion of the men in your family not being able to cook is both offensive and relieving. I would rather have drinks, playing games with you anyway. Guy

    1. Okay, well, I'll be sure to let mom know that you'll be cooking the turkey next year. ;)

      The men in my family are willing and able to cook and I am SURE that the ladies of the family would be MORE than happy to allow you to cook to your heart's content!

  2. Okay, I wish I could get away without having to cook the turkey!!! LUCKY YOU!!! LOL. Seriously though I would do the same as you if I could get away with it and I am sure everyone would rather have your pies....after all the pies are the 'cherry on top' so to speak. I think it is a wonderful tradition you are sharing with your children and the recipients of the Thanksgiving turkey dinner are grateful. You have given me a great idea for next year. Thank you and may you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. I am glad I have given you an idea for next year and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your family is thankful for your turkey cooking efforts! :)

  3. I found you via the Bloggy Moms Blog hop. I really related to this post. I had a similar experience on my blog with my first giveaway. I really wanted to support a group of woman in Ugandan that were making necklaces, but couldn't do it without revealing that I supported them with a purchase. It's a tough balance, but I think you nailed it.

  4. Hi Mandy! Glad you found me! I just checked out your blog-- looks like I have another blog to add to my blogroll! :)

    I'm glad you related to this post and that you feel like I nailed the balance! I really didn't want a pat on the back for this, but wanted others to be inspired! Thank you for commenting!


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