Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diaper Bag Organization

My diaper bag is one of the banes of my existence. I have struggled for years to keep it together and I haven't ever found the "right" system. I wanted something that was cute, practical and inexpensive.  I have a really great hand-me-down Diaper Dude's diaper bag that I love because it has a lot of little pockets on the front and it is very sturdy, but like almost all diaper bags it has that gaping big pocket that is so tough to keep organized (and diaper bag organizers are pricey!).

I have tried a lot of approaches to keep it organized and to date, the best I could come up with was using 1 gallon zipper storage bags. They were easy to grab and kept everything contained. I had one zipper bag with diapers, wipes and the changing pad in them and one with stuff to occupy the kids. Effective, but ugly.

I was contemplating how to better organize my diaper bag when I remembered that when I bought sheets for Little Man's big boy bed (Circo brand from Target, just FYI), they came in these cute little pouches that matched the sheets.  At that moment I had one of those Oprah "Ah Ha!" moments. The pouches would be perfect for cute organization.
Sheet pouches
So I set about organizing the heck out of my diaper bag. I now have the two pouches in the main compartment (with room to spare should I need to bring along changes of clothes or something of that nature) and have cleaned up/reorganized the front pouches (here come a ton of photos):
Main pouch. Yeah I P-Touch labelled the hell out of them!
The diapering pouch has room for 5 diapers, changing pad, wipes
and lotion, with PLENTY of room to spare.
The occupying pouch has two books, toys, snacks
and my travelling coloring kit (crayons and a small pad of paper in
an old Huggies travel wipes box)
The rest of the diaper bag has a pouch for my wallet/phone, a pouch for my travel first aid kit, and miscellaneous stuff.

Mini-First Aid kit, Organic foaming hand sanitizer and a baby leash 

Fresh breath, spare change, tape measure. Yup, that about sums up my life right now!
So that reorganization cost me $0.00, which TOTALLY fits our budget!


  1. I have used those things for years! Not for a diaper bag, but for alot of other things..The diaper bag idea is wonderful!

    1. I thought so too! This was our first foray into buying non-crib sheets for the kids, so I didn't know they even existed. They look like they'd actually be pretty easy to make too!

  2. Now that is an 'uncluttered' diaper bag! Great idea ClutteredMama!

  3. Such funny timing of this post! On Tuesday night I was saying to Jake I wish I could think of a use for the sheet pouch I'd gotten that day when I bought Declan new sheets at Target. Those pouches are the kind of thing I hang on to because they seem so useful but I never find a way to use them. Solution courtesy of ClutteredMama!

    1. That is kinda why I hung onto them too. They SEEMED useful, but I didn't know what for. Glad I could help you find a use for them! :)

  4. i use those pouches when we travel for shoes in our luggage or if i wear my stilettos and want a change of shoes- i throw them in a pouch in my purse/diaper bag- no germs on my stuff and i just throw it in the wash later!


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