Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Pinterest-y Kind of Weekend

Hey there!

Thanks to Pinterest, I've been getting all kinds of crafty & decorate-y this weekend. Why? Because I'm avoiding this:
My office. Yeeeeeah...

In honor of my creative avoidance of clutter and disorganization, I thought I'd share some of the spectacular Pinterest-y activities I've been up to this weekend!!

Project #1
Last week I was at Hobby Lobby (we just recently got one and now it is my new favorite place on the planet. Take that Switzerland.) and I saw this awesome dry erase perpetual calendar:

I loved it. It was just what I needed. But, as you can kinda see in the photo, it was $39.99. Erm... forty bucks for a framed piece of glass with a blank calendar on it? I don't think so. I figured that someone far craftier, designier, and organizier than I had probably already created something like this and then blogged about it.

I was right!

Ye olde Pinterest lead me to A Diamond in the Stuff (yeah, she has the cutely decorated house that I keep hoping will magically appear in my house), which then lead me to Sprik Space. I picked the calendar I liked, printed at Costco, hit the Hobby Lobby, and then Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt... I give you my perpetual calendar (which for the record would be much harder to make if I lived in Brazil):

$2.99 for the 11x14 print at Costco, $4.99 for the frame at Hobby Lobby (on sale for 50% off), round up for taxes, I have a perpetual calendar for $8.50. That is a lot better than $40 And frankly, mine is cuter.

In fact, I like this so much that I think I may make 2 more for in my soon to be neat & organized office so that I can have a rotating perpetual calendar of deadlines and whatnots in there.

Side note-- I use Vis a Vis overhead projector markers instead of dry erase, because I find they smudge less than dry erase and they have a much finer point. And I have like 2 billion of them because when I was teaching I acted as the staunch Luddite, clinging to my overheads & overhead projector as all of my colleagues moved to digital formats... I don't care what you say, still love the overhead projector.

 Project #2
My upstairs bathroom is boring. We have done nothing with it other than hanging a new towel rack. Whilst all the other rooms got lovely paint jobs, the upstairs bath remains Navajo white. Navajo white walls, beige towels and a white shower curtain. In other words, it is bland. I remembered I had pinned some free printables in my Pinterest "Bathroom" board, and SHAZAM! Thanks to Over the Big Moon (and Costco and Ikea), I now have cute bathroom art!

This project was a little more costly, as it is four 8x10 photos and frames from Ikea. Each 8x10 cost $1.49 and each frame cost $4.99, so about $7 each. $7 x4= $28, Luckily, though, I had a $25 gift card for Ikea, so this project only cost me about $6.50.  Similar art projects at Hobby Lobby cost about $40 each, so I'm thinking $28 instead of $120 isn't too shabby!

Project #3
This one isn't so much a direct link to Pinterest, but I feel like it was a super Pinterest-y solution to my problem.

We finally got around to hanging our coat racks, so we now have a proper place to hang our stuff (y'know, instead of piling all the jackets, purses, etc. on the newel post).  At the old house, we had the boys' hooks located directly underneath the bigger hooks, and while that worked for the space we had, I always felt it made the coat area look much more jumbled than I wanted. Ideally, I wanted to hang the two coat racks side by side, but then the kids wouldn't be able to reach the hooks and I would be stuck hanging all their crap up. No thank you.

Then I had an epiphany. If I we hung the "grown-ups" coat rack on the landing, we could put the "kids" coat rack right next to it and they could stand on the stairs and be able to reach the coat rack.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm a genius.

Anyhoo... that is what I have been up to. Guess I should go tackle the boxes in the office... 


  1. Three great projects with great results! Love the calendar since we don't have a Costco, I have to figure out another idea. Hmmmm.

    Have fun with that office...mine looks the same! LOL

    1. Do you have a Walmart, Sam's Club or Walgreens? Or any place you print digital photos? I'm sure any of those places would be able to print an 11x14 for you! :)

      My excuse for the office is we *just* moved... 4 1/2 months ago...yeah. THAT is why...


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