Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mashed Potatoes of Cleaning

My favorite room of the house to clean is the playroom.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't like cleaning the playroom. Heck, I don't like cleaning anything,  but a grownup's got to do what a grownup's got to do. So for me, in my daily litany of cleaning, the playroom is my favity fave.

Of course, I do make the kids help clean up, because I'm trying to raise quality adult men who know how to take care of their stuff, but when your kids are 1 and 4 years old, let's face it, you are still doing the majority of the grunt work!

Anyhoo... the playroom is my favorite room to clean and I often save it for last the way I used to save my mashed potatoes for last as a kid. In my estimation, you save the very best part for last. So I power through the boiled spinach parts of cleaning (dishes and toilets) until I get to my glorious mashed potatoes!

Why is the playroom my favorite? Because it is literally the only room in the house where EVERYTHING has a place-- and a neatly labelled one at that.

Because of the labels and the homes for everything, in about 5 minutes, I can make the playroom go from this:

Playroom before shelving went in. It still gets this messy.
to this:

Playroom today following our pre-nap cleaning

There is no other room in the house that I can say that about. And THAT is why the playroom is my mashed potatoes of cleaning.


  1. Mashed potatoes of cleaning - ha!

  2. It certainly isn't dessert! It is that part of the main dish that is yummy, but not quite as delicious as dessert. Dessert of cleaning is flopping on the couch to watch junk TV with a bowl of ice cream!


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