Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Suburban Agriculturalists

Feet in the dirt & loving it!
The Cluttered Family spent the weekend redoing our plot at the community garden. Last year we jumped in willy-nilly and just fumbled around planting seedlings with no plan or any real knowledge of how to garden. Yet, somehow, we managed to yield a pretty decent haul and the title of "best looking garden" at the Community Garden. Diesel claims it is because he comes from a long line of farmers, so he has a genetic ability to grow things. I think it was just dumb luck.
The neighbors are stepping it up this year, so we gotta represent!

At any rate, we've decided to try square foot gardening to see if we can more bang for proverbial buck.  This past Wednesday, I went and tore out all of our dead/dying plants, except for one purple broccoli which was looking like it would bear fruit.
The lone survivor
 Saturday Diesel threw together some 4x4 frames out of scrap wood, then we headed over to the garden to finish stripping down the plot and getting everything set. We also worked on getting the paths mulched to keep the weeds down.
Diesel and Little Man shoveling mulch

Our original plan was to work all day Saturday, but we had to take a break and  go look at some houses, which ate up a chunk of time, so we ended up picking up our compost & peat moss late in the day and just dropping it off at the plot under cover of darkness. We went back on Sunday morning and we were racing a storm headed our way. We managed to get the boxes set and filled, the broccoli replanted before the rain started to fall.
Just a touch of rain headed right for us!

 This weekend we have to get the watering system and our grids set (not to mention our seeds planted) and we'll be ready to head into the summer!
New and improved Cluttered Garden
(all battened down for the rain & wind)

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  1. This is awesome! Tim has been plotting (heheh) his own garden's construction, but his greatest enemy are the deer that enjoy his yard every day. Good for you for getting 'er done!


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