Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am Dug

This week, in an attempt to better understand how I'm using my time and to create a more accurate schedule for myself and my family, I'm auditing my time. For the whole week, I'm keeping detailed notes on what I do and for how long I do it. I feel a little anal retentive in the process (seriously, I'm writing down stuff like "picked up phone for 2 seconds then set down"), but my hope is that I'll be able to cut out/pare down items that eat up too much of my precious time and thus be able to devote more time to doing the things I actually want to do.

It is Wednesday and you know what I've discovered just by glancing at my use of time? I must surely have ADD.  I am like Dug from the movie Up.  I am working along all focused, and then I see something and I'm like "Squirrel!" and an hour later...


  1. I have yet to meet someone that doesn't have a little Dug in them! P.S. Great Movie!!!

  2. I am more ADD than Dug - Dug can continue its conversation right after seeing the squirrel and I would have forgotten what I was talking about! And I probably would have chase that squirrel...

  3. Me too! It would be more like this "Squirrel! Hey look trees. That reminds me of when we used to go apple picking on field trips at school. I should look up places to take the boys apple picking. OH! I wonder if you can grow apples in Southern California. Do they make dwarf apple trees. How are dwarf trees made and do those constitute GMOs? I need to order some heirloom seeds for my garden. Really should look into organic gardening methods. *look at clock* SHOOT! I was supposed to have found a bird 2 hours ago. Dagnabbit!"


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