Friday, March 30, 2012

Everything in its Place

So the Cluttered House has a few problems.

In January, we packed up about half of our household so that we could put the Cluttered House up on the market. That means our awesome mail sorting system was packed up when we moved our pantry out of the house in order to make the dining room look better. We also packed up the odds and ends bowl, the storage area for Diesel's "stuff" and our dead battery bowl. These are all very important to keeping the clutter at bay on the entertainment center.

Our other issue is that Diesel and I have taken to sleeping in the living room. You see Duckie does not sleep well if we are in the room with him, and he wakes up Little Man when we try to put the two of them into the room they, in theory, share. In a final desperate act, Diesel and I gave up the comfort of our king sized memory foam bed for the relative comfort of our couches (we'd be sleeping on our air mattress, but that is packed up too).

 Anyhoo, that leads to another problem: laundry. Oftentimes, we aren't able to tackle the laundry until after the boys go to sleep, but then, it leads to the problem of putting everything away. Sure, clothes are folded or on hangers, but then we can't go into either room to put the laundry away. So it ends up on the entertainment center.

 That means our entertainment center, the first thing you see when you walk in the door, looks like this:


So today, I decided to tackle the problem head on. Our biggest problem is the mail. Laundry is easy enough to deal with. I just put it away. I was pondering how we were going to deal with the mail when I remembered that I had this beauty sitting on my nightstand:
 It is a cool caddy that Diesel made me in his hand tools class last semester. That's right folks, he made that BY HAND without the aid of electric tools. I use it to hold my magazines, Bible, glasses case and other sundry items that I don't want the kids knocking off my nightstand. I moved all the stuff into the top drawer of my nightstand, which means I won't remember it until we move, but it also means we have somewhere to store the mail! YAY! 

During naptime, I not only tackled the mail, but also the inside of the cabinets where a lot of the kids' stuff is now residing.

So here is the final product::

Inside the cabinets

 The upper exterior:

Here is the mail sorter. I didn't really get rid of much beyond the junk circulars because paying the bills is one of Diesel's jobs, so I didn't really know what needed to be filed and what needed to be paid. I just neatened it all up and we will go through it later this weekend.

I also created  a basket to act as the "catch all" for the stuff that doesn't currently have a home, and the shoe box from Duckie's new shoes is making a hand-dandy dead battery storage area.

Of course, as soon as the kids were up, they were more than happy to undo the fruits of my labor!

This whole half-packed, but not moved living situation has really emphasized how important it is to have set "homes" for items. Ever since we packed up our stuff I'm feeling quite un-moored and although we have less stuff in the house, it seems to be messier because a lot of the stuff that is missing served essential functions in the battle against clutter. As we move into another home sometime in the future, I hope I can be mindful of this and take the extra time and effort to make sure every thing has its place!


  1. Nice job! I cannot imagine trying to have a clean home when you are in the midst of trying to sell yours. Good luck!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing. Getting the house ready to sell was quite a learning experience for me too. And the kids, yes, they keep us practicing our organizational skills much like math drills - so that we could replace items in lightning speed!

  3. Thanks ladies! Being in Limbo has been the most frustrating part of this moving process. I miss all my "systems" for organization. I think we were a little deluded when we packed up the house back in January. I really thought it would be only a month or so before we moved. We're now heading into April and I'm realizing that some things we packed up as "non-essential" actually are essential.

    And yes, the kids destroy the minute I get something cleaned up/organized. The night I took these pictures I was surveying the living room thinking "I just had this room spotless a few hours ago and now it looks like a bomb went off..."

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