Friday, January 20, 2012

Pack it Up, Pack it In...

Let me begin...

Currently, the Cluttered House looks like I'm vying for a spot on Hoarders.

Why, you ask? Because after a LOT of hemming and hawing and soul searching and number crunching and all the other stuff you do when you're trying to make a major life decision, we've decided to sell the Cluttered House.

We have done our best to make the space work for us, but we've reached critical mass. While I heartily applaud those who can live in  small quarters, but we've been struggling to make it work since before Duckie was born and it just got more difficult following his arrival. Our biggest issues are the absolute lack of outdoor and storage space, as well as the difficulty of having a baby who needs quiet to nap and a 3 year old who doesn't seem to grasp the notion of "quiet" time. We have been creative, we've purged and minimized, but alas, we can't make it work. It is time to move onward and upward.

The Cluttered House goes on the market in early February, which means I am furiously packing up the non-essential so that our house is in showing condition. That means no kids toys, no knick-knacks, etc. It also means I need to get even MORE creative in how I hide things, because kids require a certain amount of stuff in the day to day (books, toys, diapers, clothes).

Soooo, my new part-time-schedule-so-I-can-spend-time-with-the-kids plan has turned into the kids spending days at my in-laws' while I frantically try to pack up the non-essential. Good times. Hopefully it will sell quickly and we can move on to something a little bigger. I'm working hard to purge as we pack and to keep a nice, organized and detailed inventory of what I'm packing, so that we can move into wherever we end up in an organized fashion!

But don't fret, dear readers, while the Cluttered Family may be moving to a little more space, we will still be trying to downshift, minimize and simplify in the process.

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