Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

I'm pretty sure Duckie is allergic to me blogging! Every time I get the laptop out to blog, he starts fussing. He's been sitting beside me peacefully for a few minutes, but now that I've started typing, he's starting to squirm and fuss!

I'm slowly, but surely, getting the house back in order. For the last month, we've either had family members at our house or been out of town visiting family. As a result, the house has gotten a little bit neglected/out of control. My plan for this week has been to get the house back in basic order so I can start tackling some decluttering (and re-decluttering) projects. So far, thanks to my mother-in-law volunteering to watch Little Man on Tuesday, I've been able to get Little Man's room and our main living/dining area picked up. Of course, with a three year old living here, trying to keep the house picked up sometimes makes me feel like I'm trying to dust in a sandstorm.

Diesel and I still need to get our budget in order, but have just not had enough time to sit down together. He's busier than a one-armed coat hanger these days, with overtime at his 'real' job, and several woodworking and handyman jobs in the pipeline-- plus, his school starts week after next. We really need to just set aside a specific time to do it, as it should be a priority.

I have started working out and wearing my pedometer again. It felt good to get some exercise, but I have to say I was really saddened when I saw the numbers on the scale & measuring tape. I know I just had a baby, everyone keeps telling me this, but it is still tough to not feel like "me" right now. Like I've said over and over again, I'm not trying to fit in a bikini, I'm trying to fit in my clothes! Slow and steady will be the name of the game because I'm nursing Duckie, so I won't be doing any "dieting" other than trying to eat more healthfully.

AAAND, on that note, Duckie is fussing and needing attention! I'll be back with more quality posts soon!


  1. You can do it. Enjoy the precious time with those little boys. To them, it doesn't matter that you haven't gotten into your pre-pregnancy jeans or that the house isn't picked up. They love you for who you are to them. I give you lots of kudos for getting the workouts in. I wasn't up for it until a year after I had my little one. Keep it up because you rock!

  2. I know they love me. I just can't bring myself to buy a whole new wardrobe! :) I'm doing my best to relax and enjoy this time, but with my return to full-time work looming large on the horizon, I really am feeling like I need to get our house and my life back in order or we won't be able to function come October! I'm not going crazy trying to keep the house up (trust me, it is a mess), I just need to have some semblance of a schedule and order for my own sanity!


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