Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Start Date!

The Cluttered Family is gonna get it in gear starting August 1. This is the date Diesel & I have set to start exercising and eating right again. It is also when we get back on track with our budget and home management. Since Duckie (the artist formerly known as Maverick) was born, we've been (understandably) very lax in most of these areas. The take-out has been plentiful, the budget has gone out the window and the house... Well, all that Project Simplify went right out the window-- I can't even see the top of my dresser.
Of course, this is all somewhat justifiable, seeing as how Duckie is only 7 weeks old and we've been busy trying to learn the ropes of being the parents of two, however it is time to start getting the Cluttered train back on the rails!
That being said, I'll be back to blogging in earnest on Aug. 1.

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