Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What the Cluttered Family is Doing This Week

Phew! Just got back from a week visiting family up north. It was great to see everyone, but traveling with two little ones is always tiring! Luckily, Duckie and Little Man are good travelers, but even so, I'm exhausted!
I know I said I was going to start back to blogging next week, but then I realized that this week will be filled with a lot of prep work for the coming month(s) and I wanted to share the prep plans with you. Diesel and I really need to (re)lay our groundwork so that we can hit the ground running on Monday. So, we'll be:
  • Revising our budget in an effort to get back on track (we're WAAAAAAAAY off our budget). Our focus is on paying off our debt and making it so that I will be able to go down to part-time work within the year.
  • Creating a daily/weekly/monthly schedule for our family so that we're able to make better use of our time. I'm currently looking at magnetic white boards that I can customize so we can have a big visual reminder of what we're up to.
  • Making a Monday through Friday chore schedule so we can have weekends free to do the activities we would like to do (like hiking, camping, etc.), instead of trying to pack all our chores and errands into Saturday and Sunday. We will also be making Little Man his own chore chart, as he is old enough to start helping with the care of the house a little.
  • Formulating a schedule for exercising. Diesel and I are both plumper than we would like (yes, I know I'm only 2 months post-partum, but none of my clothes fit. I'm not looking to squeeze into a bikini, but I would like to have a few more choices in my wardrobe!). With an infant and a preschooler, we need to really set aside specific times for exercising. As much as we'd like to be able to workout together, until Duckie is a little older and able to be put on a sleep schedule, we're looking at his & hers workout times.

So that is what we're up to this week. Well, that and getting everything ready for Duckie's baptism & reception on Sunday, entertaining out of town family & friends, working extra jobs (Diesel, not me), and juggling the demands of a 3 year old and a 2 month old. Oh, and we were out of town for half the week, so really we just have Thurs-Sun to do all this. Good times! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Start Date!

The Cluttered Family is gonna get it in gear starting August 1. This is the date Diesel & I have set to start exercising and eating right again. It is also when we get back on track with our budget and home management. Since Duckie (the artist formerly known as Maverick) was born, we've been (understandably) very lax in most of these areas. The take-out has been plentiful, the budget has gone out the window and the house... Well, all that Project Simplify went right out the window-- I can't even see the top of my dresser.
Of course, this is all somewhat justifiable, seeing as how Duckie is only 7 weeks old and we've been busy trying to learn the ropes of being the parents of two, however it is time to start getting the Cluttered train back on the rails!
That being said, I'll be back to blogging in earnest on Aug. 1.