Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Simplify, Hot Spot #5

This week Tsh threw us a curveball-- Hot Spot #5 is whatever we want to choose!

So I'm picking our linen closet. It is the thorn in my organizational side! 6 years ago when we bought the house, we framed out the closet with the intention of making it a wizbang cracker jack of a linen closet (our condo had 1 closet and minimal storage when we bought it). For a year or so it sat empty of shelves, but crammed full of crap. One day I got fed up and begged Diesel to put up SOME kind of temporary shelving, as SURELY we were going to get to this project soon.

Fast forward 5 years and I still have my temporary shelves and lofty plans for the linen closet, but you know the old addage "the cobbler's children have no shoes?" Well, the running joke in our home is that the woodworker's wife has no doors (or moulding, or wizbang linen closets). When it is finished, it will be AWESOME, because when given the time and opportunity, Diesel turns out some amazing pieces for our home (those pesky paying clients take priority, can you believe it???) and from what I've been told, it should be done before Maverick arrives.

The linen closet as it is has two MAJOR flaws. #1--more than 1 foot of storage space is virtually inaccessible because of the wall which we built in order to accomodate the closet doors and have to have shelves that are half the depth of the others in order for us to get anything in or out. #2-- the doors are too wide so you get access to less than half the closet when you open either door. It is a pain. (I'd say there is a third flaw in that a member of my household can't seem to read the nicely labelled shelves and stuffs things higgledy-piggledy wherever he so desires, but that would be snarky, so I won't say it...)

The linen is also a catch-all for any items that don't seem to have a home.

Anyways, here are the before shots:

It appears so unassuming... cue Psycho music

This photo illustrates the two main flaws: drop wall and too large doors.

That big space is where our vacuum (to left) is supposed to go, but instead a fan and our portable A/C unit have taken up residence there, rendering my poor Dyson homeless!

Don't you keep your RC trucks in with your cleaning supplies? No? Oh...

Proliferation of towels and sheets. I actually purged the linen closet a few months ago, so it really just needs neatening.

I go through those baskets every couple months, but they end up looking like this because you can't see into them very easily... and it is too much effort to take them off the shelf!

My cleaning supplies bucket teeters precariously on this half shelf. It falls at LEAST once a month. Apparently someone in my house thinks TP is a cleaning supply. In theory I suppose it is...

You KNOW your linen closet is in bad shape when you actually have a shelf called "Misc crap"
  Okay so THAT is what I'm going to be doing tonight... woo hoo!

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