Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot #5: After

Tackled the linen closet tonight.
All the crap pulled out

Diesel taking measurements... maybe I WILL get that wizbang linen closet afterall!
Dyson in its home. We've decided the A/C  unit will spent the not hot months in the garage

No more "misc crap" shelf!

Nice neat towels and sheets, paper goods moved down to the floor (alongside the baby bath)

I put Diesel in charge of neatening up these baskets...
 So there you have it folks! My final Project Simplify Hot Spot! I have a BIG bag of trash and a smaller, but still impressive bag of to sell/donate. Feels good to have the linen closet cleaned out!


  1. Go you! The ElderTrebes keep one set of sheets for each bed. And that is it. One of my organizing books had a similar idea which was to keep one set on the bed, and the extra under each mattress. I don't think the packrat upbringing in me could handle knowing I only had two set for each bed. I mean....who KNOWS what could happen....especially with kids. And the urine and vomit they have been known to produce at record levels.

  2. Well, having been a TempTrebe at one point, I keep one set on the bed, one set in the linen, that is it. Then we have one set for our "guest bed" (what's up Coleman Air Mattress?) and then the littlens on the shelf are actually Pack & Play sheets, of which I have two. Little Man has the most sheets, because of the aformentioned peeing/puking issues of childhood, but they're stored in his room and not the linen closet.

  3. Great job!! Labels and everything!!! I need to stop procrastinating and get back to work on my projects!

  4. Don't be too impressed-- labels were already up from previous organizing attempts. :)


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