Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Internal Happy Dance of Delight

You know how little things can make you SUPER happy? Since this blog is one part Happiness Project, I thought I'd share what makes me giddy like a little school girl and makes me do a little internal happy dance of delight:

People following my blog!

You guys make me happy and I get so excited when a new person starts following my blog. Add to my delight when a person I don't know adds my blog and/or says they found me randomly. HOORAY!!!

Today I gained two new followers! I'm ecstatic! YAY!

Thank you for the support and the comments and the following! It really does fill me with joy!!!

(and yes, my title is redundant, but I'm just that dang happy about it!)


  1. Hooray for happy dancing! You inspired me to start up my blog again so it only made since that I transition from lookie loo to follower. I have also added you to my "blogs I like" section, which I have titled "Inspiration." I don't think anyone looks at the site but me at this point, but perhaps that will change :-)
    Have an awesome day, my friend!!!

  2. YAY MOH!!! :) Glad you're inspired!! you know I loves ya! (We're farmer's marketing this Sunday after church if you'd like to join us!)

    @Sarah-- :) Indeed!


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