Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Hope I Can Grow a Green Thumb!

Back in January we found out that we "won" a plot at the community garden, demand being such that a lottery is required to select who will get the available plots. I was BEYOND excited! Visions of my yet untapped horticultural prowess danced through my head and I was chomping at the bit to get started!

Then we went through a spate of winter-related illness and other such things which kept us away from our little 10'x10' veggie farm.

On Wednesday night I received a phone call from Dave, the Community Garden chief, wondering it everything was alright and whether we intended to ever cultivate our land. He also pointed out-- very kindly-- that our plot was overgrown with weeds and that we needed to take care of them post haste! I told him I was 8 months pregnant and THAT played a huge roll in why we hadn't been out there, but I assured him I would come out and get it all taken care of. He had a genuine concern at HOW I was going to clear the land in my delicate state, but I assured him that I could handle it (I have a secret weapon, his name is Diesel).

So this morning the Cluttered Family loaded up into the Cluttered Truck and picked up some organic gardening supplies, some seedlings and seed, and made our way to our plot. A mere 6 hours later, the Cluttered Garden had transformed from THIS:
This is not our actual plot, but what ours looked like at the outset
(I forgot to take a before shot)
Isn't it lovely???
Thank goodness I had my lovely assistants to help me, or I would've never gotten it completed on my own. I try to not let being roughly the size of a blue whale slow me down, but there are just some things I couldn't do (like lifting huge bags of mulch and soil!)
The Cluttered boys clearing our plot
In roughly 60-80 days our plot will be providing us with such yummy things as eggplant, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers and melon. I also have seeds to start some green beans, sunflowers (Little Man's choice), squash, carrots and cucumbers. Although it is basically a veggie garden, I had to include some sweet alyssums, because  I fondly remember that no matter where we lived, my mom always had sweet alyssums growing around the borders of her gardens. For me, a garden just isn't a garden without the presence and aroma of those tiny flowers.

Sweet Alyssum in memory of my Mom
It was  a long day, and we're all aching, sore and bone tired, but I love the feeling of having done something productive! Now let's hope my brown thumb doesn't help me kill all our hard work!!


  1. I'm sure you will have great success! I am quite jealous, right now our garden spot is nothing but a wet soupy mess. Happy Gardening!

  2. Ahhhhh... Mud season! BUT I also know that come harvest time I'll be seeing photos of your kitchen table covered in beautiful home grown produce & I'll have all of on basket's worth of runty produce! :)


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