Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closet Maid Storage Cubes, You've Met Your Match!

Right around the time Little Man was born, we purchased some ClosetMaid storage cubes at Target. And since that day, they have been what kids these days refer to as my "frenemy." One part friend, one part foe.

I love them for the storage they provide and that they're fairly easy on the eyes. It is actually pretty amazing the amount of crap you can store in a 10x10 cube! Currently, they're acting as storage for Maverick's clothing and all the other accoutrement of babyhood.

So if I love them so much, why have they been the thorn in my side for the better part of 3 years? Because they were virtually unlabel-able! I made this horrifying discovery the day we brought them home. I loaded them up,  pulled out my trusty P-Touch label maker and made my labels. When I affixed them to the front of the storage cubes, they merely curled up and fell to the table. I eventually came up with a fix by adding Scotch tape, but even still, it was not uncommon to find that a label had launched itself, Kamikaze style, off of the bins to the floor below.

Finally, I gave up and pulled all the labels off. Worked fine for me, because I knew where everything was, however Diesel was not nearly as adept at navigating the bins.

Then, like a beacon of hope in my darkest hour (as I was preparing to fill said bins with Maverick's clothes and imagining the chaos that would ensue as Diesel attempted to put away the laundry), I stumbled upon this post on That Mommy Blog during Project Simplify. That Mommy had come up with at BRILLIANT solution to my problem: chalk board tags and ribbon. HUZZAH!!!

Just bought some ribbon and set Diesel to work cutting out and painting wooden circles with chalkboard paint. (If you don't have a handy hubby, you can get wooden circles at most craft stores). I love that they look nice, can easily be changed and, most importantly, don't throw themselves off of the cubes to the floor below!!

So mad props to That Mommy for solving my problem The storage cubes and I are now BFFs!


  1. They look awesome! So glad you liked the idea and it's working for you:) Great job!

  2. Perfect timing! I have a smaller version I got recently, and hadn't even thought of labels yet (it's not put together -waiting for that!).

  3. Michelle- seriously, you're nothing short of a genius in my book!
    Sue- glad my missteps can save you the trouble!! They're reall great little storage bins!

  4. I had the same problem! I used safety pins, to put pictures on them. It worked ok, this might be a better option.


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