Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Sell or Not to Sell

I still have my wedding dress. It is has been hermetically sealed in a box in the attic of my in-laws' house since a month after I got married.

I love my wedding dress. It is beautiful AND I got it on super sale at a foo-foo chi-chi la-la boutique store that I had no business being in when I was shopping for a wedding dress (when I told them my price range I was, ever so politely, marched past the dresses in the main show room to a narrow hallway where a small, sad, rack of dresses lived). The fact that my dress and I found each other was pure kismet! After all was said and done, it was priced at $1 under my budget. And it was love at first sight.

Fast forward several years and my beautiful dress now resides in a box in an attic. And there is no hope that it will ever see the light of day. (In all honesty, I would be hard pressed to tell you exactly where it is in the attic).

I have a son and another on the way, so I don't forsee that either of them will want it. Nor do I imagine that, in 20+ years from now, if/when my sons get married that their significant others will want my dress.  So that leaves me with a beautiful dress in a box for now until eternity!

I've hung onto it this long because it is sentimental, however it isn't something that I am using and have no plans to use it in the future.
So this begs the question... to sell or not to sell?


  1. Well, I have both mine (I was married in 1976) and my mother's (she was married in 1943). I wish I'd sold mine because I've been divorced for 25 years, but I treasure my mother's even though I never wore it. It's now a family heirloom. I have 2 sons, no dresses needed there, and a grandson. I may eventually leave it to my niece, who will treasure it. If it is not in the way, there's no reason not to hang on to it and let it become an heirloom. On the other hand, I doubt I could sell mine for much at all - it's too old and not old enough all at the same time, if you know what I mean. I also read of someone who had a baptismal gown made out of a family wedding dress and passed it through the family that way. Good luck!

  2. Don't sell it. Transform it into something else. My MIL took her dress and made a doll version of it so she could have it forever. The dress now is in a smaller version on a favorite teddy bear. My own mom made my dress and I could never part with it. I plan on doing the doll version thing day.

  3. This is just something I'm still just pondering. I guess my thought is that maybe there is someone out there who will put it to good use, rather than leaving it to sit in a box.
    @Sue- I can see why your wedding gown might not hold the same sentimentality as your mom's. I've had people suggest making throw pillows & wall hangings from the dress, but my dress doesn't really fit with my house style. I love the idea of creating something out of the dress, but hate the idea of it being cut up.
    @Elaine-- Alas, I am NOT handy with a needle & thread, so I don't think I'll be making a tiny version any time soon (and my favorite childhood teddy bear is wearing leiderhosen, so he'd look rather odd!).

  4. I'm not the least bit sentimental about my gown. I have my memories, my pictures, and my video to help me remember that wonderful fun day. I attempted to resell mine on craigslist a few summers ago but moving and pregnancy got in the way. It's hanging in the guest room closet right now, still as dirty (sticks and leaves stuck in the lace hem) from that day. I think I'm just gonna find a place to donate it. I don't know if making it into household items will work as it was pretty lacy (totally uncharacteristic of me).

  5. The donation comment reminded me, there is a group in my town that accepts donated dresses, veils, and accessories, then holds a big sale once a year. My DIL got a $2000 dress (with veil) for $500. The proceeds go to breast cancer research. I think that's a pretty cool idea. I'd donate my dress, but I think it's too outdated - they want relatively new dresses.

    And Colleen, even though I'm not especially sentimental about my dress, I can't bear to part with the pictures - too many other family members in them. Including one I really love of my Dad and me (he's been gone for 28 years). Besides which I had 2 sons from that marriage, and I think they have a right to those pictures.

  6. @Clara-- I feel very much the same way. I loved my dress, but I don't feel all that attached to it as something I want to keep. I have photos of the day and THOSE I will cherish forever.
    @Sue-- I totally understand keeping the photos and would be the last person to encourage you to get rid of those. While the marriage may not have worked out, it is still an important part of your life and is an important memory. And, you are right, your sons deserve those photos. No matter how I declutter, photos are one of my "things" that I will not get rid of (unless they're duplicates or just really terrible).
    Several people have mentioned the charity which takes bridal gowns, resells them and donates the proceeds. I'll have to look into that further and report the info.

  7. I vote sell,I am in the same boat as you,don't know where it is but it's up there somewhere!!
    I am going to find it and donate it after reading your post:0)
    good luck with deciding

  8. Clara & Natasha-- here is the link to the charity that several people have mentioned to me.
    They sell the dresses and then donate the proceeds to cancer charities (something near and dear to my heart).

  9. I donated mine and I feel good about it. I felt that it was better that someone (or maybe multiple someone's) find joy in wearing it on their special day than to have it rot in my attic for eternity! :) Good luck making your decision! :)

  10. @Laura-- Thanks for the support. I like the idea of either donating it or selling it so that someone else gets good use out of it! Glad you were able to donate yours and feel good about it!

  11. I am sorry i forgot you gave up fb for lent...I posted "Although i like the idea of making a christening outfit from it, I say sell. Pay your joy forward. There are people out there who cant even afford a dress. If its gonna sit in a box to never again see the light of day, airtight or not, its a waste."-tj

  12. @TJ-- I like the idea of paying it forward! Although, I could ship it to you and you could make your little one a kick-ass Christening gown out of it... You know, with your mad sewing skills and a whole 2 weeks to do it in! :)


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