Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog with a Purpose

A part of Project Simplify (and Organized Simplicity) is writing a Family Purpose Statement that will help your family focus on what is truly important to you and eliminate that which is not. While Diesel and I are still working on Family Purpose Statement, the task got me thinking about the purpose of my blog.

I have always had a nebulous idea about what I want this blog to be and how I want it to function, but never took the time to put pen to paper define its purpose. So I took a little time to jot down what I want this blog to be about. It isn't perfect, but... here is my blog purpose statement as it stands:

This blog will focus on living intentionally and simply as a part of my Happiness Project. It will follow my journey as I pursue those things which bring me satisfaction and joy and as I eliminate those things which I feel detract from my pursuit of happiness. This blog will follow my ups and downs throughout this process and I will use it to highlight the people and things which inspire me throughout this journey.

I view purpose statement as a work-in-process (just like me) and plan to tweak it as necessary, however it feels good to have put something down on paper. Makes the purpose of this blog feel more concrete.

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