Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Return to Organization

So in my return to reorganizing and simplifying, I decided to tackle a task I have been putting off for ages: MY BATHROOM VANITY DRAWERS. The large bottom drawer needed minimal clean up-- just needed to toss some pregnancy/ovulation tests (won't need those again, thank you very much) and a curling iron that I haven't used in almost 15 years; however, the two mid-sized drawers were out of control.

All kinds of junk I have not/do not/will not use.  So I dumped everything into one big bucket and went to town!

At the end of all my purging, I had boiled it down to this:

A drawerful of stuff and a big bag of trash. Some stuff was relocated to its rightful home, but most of it was junk.

Now I have a nice clean drawer for hair & makeup:

And a drawer of lotions and potions:

Sadly, I admit that my beauty products are not NEARLY as green/eco-friendly as I would like. but I'm working on it. I'm having  trouble finding really good organic products for curly/frizzy hair. I'm taking suggestions, though!

I'm feeling rather accomplished now!


  1. Hi There,

    I just stumbled upon your website via a comment you made on Unclutterer.com. I have curly frizzy hair and have lots of luck with Aveda and Bumble & Bumble products. I don't know how natural/eco friendly the latter is but I must admit I am just thankful my hair isn't a big puff ball anymore.

    It appears you live in Southern California and if you live near San Diego I HIGHLY recommend Sharon @ Salon Tonic in Little Italy. She is the first person to make me love my curly/wavy/messy/puff ball hair.

    Good luck with your projects and happy uncluttering!

  2. Thanks Julie!! I got quite a few recommendations of Aveda, and the company is fairly Eco-friendly, so I may go that route! At my last cut the hairdresser used some Bumble & Bumble and Morrocan oil on my hair & it was great, but didn't fit my budget at that moment!!

    Glad you stopped by!!


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