Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Other Kids are Tucked into Nooks and Crannies! Hooray!

Okay. My digital hiatus was a little longer than I had planned, but I'm here, I'm not nauseated and I'm ready to go. I'm getting myself pumped up by diving back into reading my minimalist/small space blogs and will be tackling a purging/reorganizing/simplifying task of some kind TONIGHT! (I'll be back with an update. I have to marinate on what the task will be!).

Today's post was inspired by this link which was shared with me by a friend. I could not be MORE excited about the fact that somewhere in America-- nay in CALIFORNIA-- other children are living in small spaces too!  Of course, I know this on a rational level, but my irrational "keeping up with the Jonses" side sees more children with their own spacious bedrooms than children sharing a tiny space.

You see, as of right now, Little Man lives alone in his 6x6-ish room. A room that is not a bedroom, but rather it is classed as a den (there is no closet, ergo it is not a bedroom). He shares his space with the back door and our washer and dryer. Within the next year, Little Man will also share his space with his baby brother, Maverick.

Below is a photo of Little Man's bedroom back in the day (I really need to get new photos of it, as it looks nothing like this now). BUT, the crib & changing table will come to live in these exact spots once Maverick arrives. Presently, Little Man is in a custom made toddler bed that is located over the windowseat/toybox which you can see on the left-hand side of this photo.

Below is a photo of  his toddler bed. We designed it so that when a sibling eventually arrived, there would be room to put the crib back into the room.

The changing table is situated at the foot of his bed and is being used as toy storage. In short order, the crib and changing table will be re-located to their positions in the first photo (so the crib will be at the foot of Little Man's bed).

As you can see, the boys will be sharing rather tight quarters.We're currently working on how to make it everything fit, but I feel rejuvenated after seeing Jordan Ferney's post. I shall also keep in mind the quote that she shares in this post : "Harry Potter also lived in a closet, and he grew up to be a fine young man." Spacious living quarters do not a good person make!


  1. Oh yeah! I just inspired a blog post! Who's awesome at sending links? This gal!

  2. Love the decor, my little one also lived in a glorified closet (a room that had no closet of it's own and therefore cannot be classified as a bedroom) about the same size. Good luck, and thank goodness toddlers and babies are not snobbish about where they live as long as they have toys and loveys!

  3. Shannon-- it is because you are AWESOME! Thanks for the jumpstart! I needed it!

    Christine-- that is really the beauty of the little ones. They don't care where they are. I only foresee it becoming an "issue" when my boys go to school and realize not everyone lives in a closet! :) Hopefully by that age they'll be fully simple/minimal living indoctrinated and won't care!!!


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