Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Your Dream?

What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is [the] land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' [...] Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'.  --"Happy Man," Pretty Woman

In light of yesterday's post, I thought I'd post the quick list of my dreams. Some are more obtainable than others, some are more shallow than others, but they are mine! (listed in the order they came into my head, not in the order of their importance).

I dream of....
  1. living in Europe-- short list is Ireland, Switzerland, England or France
  2. living in the Portland, Oregon area
  3. getting a PhD in literature
  4. becoming a published writer (short stories, articles, etc)
  5. writing and publishing a book
  6. starting my own business or a family business
  7. learning a handicraft and doing it well
  8. being a stay-at-home mom
  9. traveling the world
  10. raising happy and well-adjusted children
  11. learning to paint
  12. learning to take really great candid photos
  13. having 4 children (and yeah, it is a gender specific dream of 4 boys, but a girl would be just as well loved!)
  14. doing mission/humanitarian aid work in sub-Sahara Africa
  15. starting/funding a large-scale animal rescue a la Best Friends
  16. feeling less rushed and more tranquil/peaceful on the inside
  17. finally sitting down and turning my idea about the novella Passing into a research article and then submitting it for publication in a literary journal
  18. becoming a professor of literature
  19. having a clean and organized home that stays that way!
  20. learning how to self-promote
  21. having time to go on family bike rides or hikes-- and actually going on them!
  22. finding and sticking with an exercise routine
  23. wearing a bikini and looking good in it
  24. providing my dad with top-notch health care (and a new liver)
  25. starting a scholarship program
  26. getting involved with a non-profit that I truly believe in
  27. maintaining a happy marriage to my wonderful husband forever!
  28. training my dog in flyball or agility
  29. being completely debt free
  30. maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle
  31. learning to garden so that I can grow my own produce (if/when we get our plot at the community garden)
  32. learning to batch cook and learning to can foods
Those are the 32 dreams I came up with on the fly. Now I need to figure out which to start working on first!

What are your dreams? Are you on a path that is taking you towards them?


  1. Good list! I am very fond of 2, and if you did live up here I would so exercise with you to achieve 22 and 23. Plus the Portland area is all about 30. Oh, and I know how to do number 31 (sort of) and 32 (doing it yesterday and today) so we could do those together too. It is now my dream that you guys are able to move up here someday, because that would be FUN!

  2. Look at me inspiring dreams!! :)
    Seriously, if we could, I'd pick up and move to Portland now, but alas! I think gardening and exercising and canning/batch cooking with you would be SUPER AWESOME!!!
    Do you sew? I'm adding "learning to sew" onto my list...


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