Monday, September 13, 2010

Pantry Week

Our family's first ever pantry week (or so) has begun.

What is pantry week? It is a week where we do no grocery shopping (save for toddler essentials, like milk & bananas) and only eat meals from foods we already have in our pantry, refrigerator & freezer. While we do have some "ready made" freezer meals, I'm actually going to have to get creative with meal planning.  I am not usually a look-in-the-pantry-and-whip-something-up type of a person. In fact, I'm normally a look-in-the-pantry-and-announce-that-we-need-to-go-out-to-dinner type of person.I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to hit and use the ingredient search to figure out what the heck we're eating all week!

A major part of pantry week was taking a food inventory. I took an inventory of our two freezers, the pantry and 1 food cabinet, which accounts for the vast majority of our food. I still haven't inventoried one cabinet of miscellaneous (mostly cereal & snacks) foods or our baking goods and spices, but I will.

To continue the idea from my last blog, taking a pantry inventory drove home my embarrassment of riches. Never again will I proclaim that we have "nothing to eat," just because I don't want to cook anything! WOW! We have a LOT of food in this house!!

Tonight I made homemade mac & cheese (with garlic & onion powder & diced tomatoes), but it came out a little gritty. I think I put too much flour in the roux. BUT, it made a TON of mac & cheese, so we're stuck with it!!

Mini-Goal for the week: Make the bed every day.
Here are the fruits of today's bed making-- though in all fairness, boychild LOVES to play in and on the pillows, and is especially fond of building "mountains" and burrowing in "caves" that my nice, neatly made bed never quite stays all pretty & catalog worthy for long!

Also other progress-- my lovely, organized photo albums & scrapbooks where there once was a jumble of knick-knacks, books, CDs, a cowboy hat and dust bunnies.

Please note the empty shelf. It is inspired by the following, which I read in The Happiness Project when Gretchen's friend tells her:
"I keep one shelf, somewhere in my house, completely empty. I'll pack every other shelf to the top, but I keep one shelf bare."
I was struck by the poetry of this resolution. An empty shelf! [. . .] An empty shelf meant possibility; space to expand; a luxurious waste of something useful for the sheer elegance of it. I had to have one. (31-32)
I'm keeping my empty shelf to remind me of how awesome it feels to declutter and clear out, but it was inspired by the book.

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