Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I began researching a more simplified lifestyle and minimalism and uncluttering, I came across a term that perfectly fits what I'm trying to do-- "Downshifting." Everything clicked and VOILA I had a term for what I'm trying to do.

What is downshifting? Much to my own chagrin, I find that Wikipedia actually has the best definition. Basically, it is an attempt to break free from the work-spend cycle and life a more fulfilling life with more time for what I truly love.

This blog will be where I track my progress as I, and my family, begin pursuing this path. I have already started a Frugality Experiment and some Mini-Goals . And have tackled more projects, but I want to separate my "Mom" Blog from my Downshifting.

So this is my start!


  1. Me too. I'll have to read how it's going for you so far. So far for me, I love it!

  2. We hit a little hiccup in the path-- my first trimester pretty much sapped me, but we're trying to get back on track!! I'm really excited and happy about downshifting & I'm glad you're loving it so far!


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